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July 24, 2004

Collaborative Writing on the Web

I find a Wiki problematic for certain kinds of tasks. But I thought, surely I'm not the first to encounter this, so I googled "co-write wiki" and discovered Blokis!
"A Bloki is a hybrid of a Blog and a Wikki which combines the ease of publishing a Blog and the collaboration of a Wiki. A Bloki allows you to "collaborate on shared documents, write a document and have others mark it up with their comments, or collaborate with others on the same document. You control who sees what and who gets to change your pages."
However, I created a Bloki and tried to play with it for a while, but found its ui inelegant and hard to figure out. I gave up in frustration when some of the popup windows didn't work with my FireFox browser.

Still, I think it's a good idea - are there other things out there like this?