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May 22, 2004

The Right Thing to Do

I recently received notice that my AgileAlliance membership will soon be up for renewal. Darn, and my hot water heater just exploded - it's one bill after another!

But I'm going to renew, because I'd hate to go back to the way we used to work. I find the Agile paradigm so much more sensible, rewarding and effective.

Clients and developers are given roles appropriate to their expertise and are encouraged to collaborate to accomplish the best solution possible within reasonable timeframes. This emphasis on responsibility and respect has returned a measure of dignity to my chosen career, and I really appreciate it. And it's made it once again possible to *deliver* software, which is the best part of my job!

Membership is totally optional, and many receive benefits from AgileAlliance programs without joining. However, I'd encourage you to consider how much it is worth to you: to increase the chance that your next job is an Agile one? Promotion is a key to making this new paradigm a pervasive one.

More about membership in the Agile Alliance.

May 11, 2004

duh ! ?

"Good designers don't put handles on unlatched doors that can only
be pushed. Instead, they put a flat plate where the handle would otherwise be.
Just about the only thing you can do with a plate is to push on it, so the
physical structure of the plate helps you operate the door correctly."

--Object Oriented Perl, Damien Conway