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June 09, 2006 Online Community Launched!

We went live, over at yesterday! It provides news and content to the Agile, Java, .NET, Ruby and SOA communitites - particularly for managers and team leaders of all sorts.

Come over for a visit, and if you like what you see, you can register and customize your view of the site, to eliminate news and content in the queues that don't interest you - for example, perhaps Ruby doesn't impact your work - you can make all the Ruby news disappear!

Since we opened the site for preview three weeks ago, we've already had over 15,000 unique visitors... and more than a thousand individualized RSS feeds have been created by members.

I'm pretty excited about what this site can do to help teams - there's so much information out on the web, we can bring things to your attention in time, that you might otherwise miss! Registration deadlines for great conferences, significant blogs, podcasts and articles on the web that you'd hate to miss, and exclusive content - books, articles, interviews - that you can really use. Join us!


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