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May 09, 2006

What's Deb up to?

I've been busy in Toronto, doing a little coaching and looking for the enterprises that want help tuning up their development processes... it's slow work, but they are out there! I really want to work at home, if I can - though attractive jobs are more plentiful in the US right now.

I'm also working these days with Floyd Marinescu (formerly of on his latest venture, the InfoQ Enterprise Software Development Community, online. It will serve 5 different communities: Java, SOA, Ruby, .NET and Agile, and it will have interesting customization feature, so people see exactly the kind of news that interests them. InfoQ launches later this month, and I'm pretty excited about it!

I'll be the editing the Agile community area of the InfoQ site!! The launch is coming later this month - right now it's taking up a fair bit of my time, but eventually it will be a fun part-time job.

We are targeting leaders in enterprise development: team leads, architects, managers, educators. It will disseminate news, articles, interviews and presentations on subjects of interest to our community. Floyd has the benefit of lots of "lessons learned" from his TSS experience, and he has some interesting ideas for making this site relevant and easy to use. I'm also impressed with his committment to values that I also hold dear: focus on community, emergence, simplicity, and on delivering real value to customers - our readers.

We want to foster dialogue, promote quality within the community, and seed the development of new ideas by getting the good stuff out there for cross-pollination. Essentially, get people talking to one another in different ways than they do now - focused on individual articles and issues. (This is not a replacement for existing forums, but could direct people to forums when interesting threads come up in the news). We have an impressive lineup of articles and presentations already, for the launch, from senior people in their respective communities - you can check out our editorial lineup, if you like.

I'm open to content from Agilists... if you've been wanting to write but don't know where to publish original material (an article, a minibook, or a video of a talk) please get in touch with me and I'll tell you more. I make no guarantees, but my mandate is pretty broad :-)

We'll be at - I'll be sure to get word out when we launch!


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