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May 20, 2006

InfoQ site "unLaunched" and available for early bird review!

Well, Floyd Marinescu's labour of love is finally ready - is in pre-launch beta testing and we'd love for you to have a look and send us your comments! And feel free to blog about it - the more the merrier! Official launch is set for the end of the month. Cross-posted - apologies to those of you subscribed to all 3 lists :-)

We hope this will become both a resource for local agile communities, as well as a platform for discussion and for publishing quality written works, perhaps by you!

I'm really pleased to be part of this team... well, two teams really: editors and developers, since our team has created its own publishing platform with features not seen elsewhere. It's still under development, I can't wait to see it when the full featureset has rolled out!



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