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April 02, 2006


Ok, you'll probably need to follow the links to keep up here :-)

TorCamp is Toronto's own Barcamp. TorCamp 1.0 took place last November in the offices of Teehan+Lax, and was a blast.

I've been a member and leader in the Toronto Agile community for a few years now, and it was really nice to meet smart, passionate people from outside our own community. The more, the merrier, I say!

On the heels of TorCamp came the first DemoCamp, a different kind of event spawned by a discussion at TorCamp. So, got working software, that you'd like to share with other geeks? This is the place - you have 15 minutes, GO! There's been one a month since then, see the TorCamp page for links to DemoCamp event pages. Its future is uncertain, in that it's growing exponentially, which is at odds with its grassroots feel. Last time there were about 150 in attendance!

An unfinished conversation at TorCamp spawned the CostVsValue supper discussion, where a dozen of us discussed pricing our services.

And the desire to once again do something more interactive probably triggered TorCampSlamCamp, an interesting Saturday afternoon where about 30 strangers worked in teams on a non-computer problem, just for the fun of it!

And now we're planning TorCamp 2.0! As with other BarCamps, it will be organized along OpenSpace lines. Feel free to sign up and join us! But remember: NO SPECTATORS! Come prepared to contribute!


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